Customer Reviews

"I recently got a sew in done in December 2015 and loved it. I reinstalled the hair in February and it still looks fresh and amazing, I LOVE it!"  @CI_thebomb 

"I loved the hair that she offered me it was worth every penny, my sew in lasted me a good three in a half months the longest I have ever kept hair in. I was also able to wash the hair as much as I wanted without it falling apart and becoming tangled!!! I'm also able to reuse the hair again and it still looks great!! The style was great I had a lot of complements! !! I highly recommend"- C Teel 

"I had an amazing experience at this salon! I had a sew-in with a small amount of leave out and it turned out beautifully. I even purchased two bundles of indian hair that was custom colored by the head stylist herself. I would definitely recommend this salon and I will be going back"! -R Brittany